Hair Removal


Hair Removal

There are a number of treatments that will get rid of unwanted body hair long term, but most only produce temporary results and then have to be repeated time and time again. Not at the London Laser Clinic, in fact we offer hair removal treatments that can reduce and prevent the re-growth of hair permanently, releasing you from the bother of waxing and shaving and the worry of unsightly hair. Our lasers have achieved the prestigious UK Food and Drug Administration clearance for Laser Hair Removal.

Our treatment works so effectively because we use a series of simple laser treatments spaced over a few months to catch the hair follicles in their growth stage, bringing about a gradual reduction in hair growth and giving your skin a long lasting smooth appearance. At Dulwich Laser we provide you with a free consultation which allow’s us to get to know you better, to understand what you want and to provide that to the best we can

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